Have you ever wondered how some people just GSD (Get Stuff Done), while others live in the whirlwind of the day ending up tired and accomplish little? Now more so than ever before Productivity is a MUST for success and business profit. We have so many distractions in front of us that reduces our ability to focus and be productive.

Xceptional Productivity is a workshop where you will learn the secrets of the most successful people in the world. After attending this workshop you will have the knowledge and tools to deal with distractions, overcome procrastination and become Xceptionally Productive.

The day is comprised of 12 modules in which you will learn:

1. The foundation for change 2. Identifying your productivity killers 3. Build a personal roadmap to gain control 4. Learn to say NO and feel good about it 5. Find your Uber leverage 6. Establish your priorities, functions and metrics 7. Learn to delegate 8. Remove procrastination 9. Get in the Uber productivity zone 10. How to win the game before you begin 11. Set yourself up for success 12. And finally how to put it all together  

Join us Friday April 27th for this Xceptionally Productive Day